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From the Editor, March 2017

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Staff CollageI've written about our all-volunteer staff before, but it's time to repeat the sentiment and recognize—once again—their dedication, professionalism, and commitment. We operate on a schedule that leads to a published issue on the third Wednesday of the month, ten times a year. You may not notice the specific day our issues are published—I'm sure your inbox and your social media feeds are as full as mine—but I'm especially proud that both our January and February issues were published on time.

I may be serving as editor-in-chief but publishing those two issues on schedule required much more support than usual from our entire Literary Mama staff. In early January, I emailed staff that I needed to assume a reduced role due to some health issues my mother was facing. Within hours, I was surrounded with support and assured that they would "hold down the fort" until I could return. I can't adequately express the extent to which their responses freed me of my responsibilities and allowed me to concentrate on my family.

Sometimes, an organization's success is determined by the commitment of only one or two individuals. That particular organization succeeds when those individuals are passionate, but falters when they lose interest or face issues that are beyond their control. That's not true here: Each person pictured on this page is invested in Literary Mama's mission. That mission has not changed since our inception, and it continues to guide us as we define our niche among an ever-increasing number of like-minded publications. But I'd be remiss if I didn't also acknowledge the high level of trust and professional respect among our staff. Discussions about grammar and syntax are taken as seriously as those about tone and voice. Birthdays are acknowledged as well as natural disasters or weather alerts one of us may be experiencing. And through all life's milestones—birth, death, job change, move across the country—additional responsibilities are assumed with open arms so our deadlines can be met. Our editors are communications professionals, university professors, writers, editors, copyeditors, photographers, moms, volunteers . . . and, as I most recently discovered, supportive friends.

Today, I not only use this space to publicly recognize our staff but also to allow you the opportunity to share your thoughts about our staff and our work.

  • Why do you read Literary Mama?
  • What makes us different from other publications you read?
  • What else would you like to read on our pages?
  • Have you had a personal experience with us as a writer/contributor?


I welcome your constructive criticism as well as your positive comments and hope you'll take a few minutes to write to us.
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Thanks for spending time on our pages and for trusting us with your friendship.
Welcome to our March issue!


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Beyond Broken: Of Homeschooling and Surrender by Darcie Whalen Korten

The Carry Home by Adrienne Lindholm

Anna's Blanket by Leslie Wibberley

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The Daughter I Need by Stefanie Cole

Lament by Melissa Benton Barker
I Kept a Beach Day from 2002 by Lila Romero
Maceo's Mouth by Tanya Manning-Yarde
Capital I by Elizabeth Knapp
Thursday Morning, Early, with Fog by Barbara Costas-Biggs

A Conversation with Kristin FitzPatrick by Gina Consolino-Barsotti
A Conversation with Ethel Rohan by Lisa L. Lewis

A Review of Solace of Stones by Jen McKee
A Review of Lucky Boy by Karen Costa

Images by Lovetta Reyes-Cairo and Heather Vrattos




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I've been a reader and occasional contributor for several years. I continue to be impressed with the originality and quality of the writing. And when i've submitted work, the prompt responses by editors and feedback and editing has been excellent.
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