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From the Editor, April 2017

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I was struck by the innocence one of our readers captured in this photo and what it said to me about exploring the unknown, peering into darkness, and greeting adventure.

I grew up on a farm and remember vividly the intense odors of dust and bird droppings that greeted me when I entered our barn or one of the many sheds my dad used to store machinery and straw bales. The dust triggered a series of sneezes that sounded twice as loud as normal and which, in turn, startled and sent into motion any birds or small creatures whose peace I had interrupted. It was best to let the flurry subside before I stepped farther into the building, but the haze of activity only added to the intrigue of what I imagined I might discover.

There were also spaces I was more hesitant to enter. There, light had difficulty finding its way into the building and the darkness made me a bit apprehensive. I had to decide if the prospect of what I might discover was worth the discomfort of the unknown.

When I was at my bravest and when I waited long enough for my eyes to adjust to the low light, I uncovered feathers, egg shells, and old pieces of metal that I carefully stored in shoeboxes in my playhouse. Stumbling across a mama cat's hiding place for her newborn kittens—the main purpose of most of my explorations—drew me into those dark recesses again and again. A little more courageous each time, yet respectful of the treasure I'd actually discovered.

I suspect you, too, have had to decide whether or not to enter the haze or to let your eyes adjust to the darkness, and I hope you'll find a treasure or two on our pages that you'll want to save, to share, and to return to. Thanks for joining us on this adventure where mothering and writing intersect.

Welcome to our April issue!

Karna Converse

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Photos by Megan Devine and Heather Vrattos

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Megan is a mother, early childhood educator, and lifelong learner. She lives with her husband, James, and four young children. Together they tend to a flock of chickens, two hives of bees, a fuzzy lop rabbit and an unruly White German Shepherd on the edge of the wilderness in Northeast Minnesota. Megan teaches kindergarten and writes a monthly school-age column for Minnesota Parent Magazine and blogs weekly for; she is also a contributor to Taproot Magazine.

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