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From the Editor, November 2017

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About a year ago, I joined a structured, instructor-led exercise class. Until then, I had considered exercise more a social activity than an important component of a healthy lifestyle. My body, however, didn't agree.

The class I found that fit me best—Transform—is a combination of pilates and yoga that promises a "mind/body experience unlike any you've seen before." True to its description, this class has challenged me. I'm sure the instructor appreciates my effort with the Triangle and Side Angle poses, but neither are pleasing to watch. On the other hand, I know I'm making progress with both the Plank and Tree poses. I'm still not nearly as balanced or strong as I should be, but I'm improving. I'm standing taller. I'm happier. And, I miss the hour-long workout when I'm unable to attend.

I'm the first to credit the instructor for her patience in working with me, but the real key to my (perceived) success is the simple fact that I added the word "Transform" to my calendar. Every week, those nine letters encourage, challenge, and keep me humble.

The same could be said about reading and writing. Do these activities fill specific slots on your calendar? Have you participated in NaNoWriMo? Accepted a 30 Day Journal Challenge? Responded to a writing prompt? Submitted your work for possible publication? Are you reading selections from a genre you're not as familiar with or that are written by someone who has a different face or story than you? Are you thinking about what you read and write, contemplating what is unwritten as well as what's printed on the page?

None of this is easy. But if we're not sweating, if we don't have sore muscles, and if we're not a bit uncomfortable at times, we're not stretching to the fullest. On behalf of our editorial staff, let me say Kudos!, Good Job!, Don't give up!, You can do it!, and Thank you for exercising with us.

Welcome to our November issue.


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Photos by Jennifer DeVille Catalano, Phyllis Higgerson, Nancy Noble, Gayla Ross, and Heather Vrattos

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