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From the Editor, December 2017

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Hands of Love by Renee Thompson. See more of Renee's work at

I've started wearing my mother's and my grandmother's wedding rings whenever I want to channel their patient, open arms of welcome. Both were known for welcoming the stranger, for pitching in when needed, and for putting aside personal needs for the good of the community. The rings are too big for my fingers—a constant reminder that I have big shoes to fill—but I've wrapped enough tape around the bands to ensure that neither slide off and that I remain focused on the task at hand.

Do you have something similar? A talisman you turn to for comfort? A mantra you repeat or an image you study that helps you find your center? Or maybe you've discovered a cause or activity in which to emerge yourself in honor of another.

May you find something to embrace this holiday season, and may that something sustain you through the coming year.

Welcome to our December issue.

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As long as Renee can remember, she has loved to paint. Her art is often a personal expression of what she is going through in life. Whether being inspired by the flowers in her garden or the children in her life, she enjoys capturing that inspiration on canvas or paper.

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