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From the Editor: April 2019

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Photo by Aaron Meade. See more of Aaron's work at

Photo by Aaron Meade. See more of Aaron's work at

When I was a child, I refused to show true emotion. Fear, love, anger. I bottled those up, turned inward and . . . ended up with stomach pains. Eventually, I learned that writing could help me reconcile most of what I might be feeling and experiencing.

But it wasn't until I became a mother that I understood the value of being truthful with myself and my family when it came to my emotions. Genuine connection—with the children, my husband, the family as a collective whole—hinged on my ability to speak and share the truth about my emotions. And as ugly as it might be to reveal that annoyance or rage or loathing simmered beneath the surface, I came to accept that most people also experienced those emotions too.

Emotion is what lays at the heart of good writing. Without emotion, the essay falls flat. Without emotion, the reader puts the book down. Without emotion, that important connection between writer and reader is never realized.

Here at Literary Mama, our contributors put so much of themselves into their writing; they hand us emotions in spades and create those connections. Each month, I find myself gritting my teeth, cheering from my seat, smiling from ear to ear, or wiping tears from my eyes.

I hope you find the time this month to peruse our site and create a connection of your own.

Welcome to the April issue.

Senior Editor

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Images by Edwin Andrade, Aaron Burden, Joshua Clay, Randy Fath, and Aaron Meade

Christina Consolino has had work featured in Brevity Blog, Flights: The Literary Journal of Sinclair Community CollegeHuffPostShort Fiction Break, and Tribe Magazine and is the coauthor of Historic Photos of University of Michigan. She is a founding member of The Plot Sisters, a local writing group that strives to offer compassionate writing critiques and promote literary citizenship, and also serves on the board of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop. Along with writing and editing, Christina is Marketing Communications Manager for Brunner Literacy Center in Dayton, Ohio, where she lives with her husband, four children, and several pets.

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