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In Solidarity

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Literary Mama believes that Black Lives Matter. Racism, oppression, marginalization, and discrimination have been built into every aspect of our American system. Injustice against Black and Brown people happens every day, often at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve. Literary Mama denounces this system, the unjust murders of Black and Brown people, and those who would work to keep this system in place. The hate and violence must end. We must end it. 

Literary Mama believes that Black Mothers Matter. We are heartbroken for the mothers of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, and the endless list of Black people who were murdered horrifically and unjustly. No mother should lose her child, and yet, generations of Black mothers in America have faced incomprehensible losses at the hands of white oppressors. We hear this pain. We mourn with Mothers of Color. 

Literary Mama believes that Black Writers Matter and that the work of antiracism must happen every day. As a literary journal, we are in a position to lift up the voices of People of Color. To that end, Literary Mama is highlighting and reposting pieces from our archives that are by or about Mothers of Color. We welcome our readers to enjoy these pieces again, but also encourage you to buy a book written by a Black mother, seek out more work from the Writers of Color highlighted here, and support Black-owned bookstores. Words are power. 

Over our 16 years of publishing, Literary Mama has been led by an overwhelmingly white cohort of women. We are taking steps to increase the diversity of our staff, as well as the diversity amongst our submissions and contributors. There is much work to do individually and within the structure of Literary Mama, but we are committed to doing it. We welcome feedback about how we can improve. 

I cannot presume to know the struggle that each of you reading this is facing right now. We all have different stories that led us to this place, to this moment. My heart aches as I watch my son grow and play. I write this statement for him. And for your children. Each of whom deserves to grow up in a world that allows them to remain innocent, a world that respects and honors them, a world where their families and communities are safe from the ravages of injustice. 

We must do better. We will do better. For them. 

In solidarity,
Amanda Jaros
Editor in Chief

Amanda Jaros is a freelance writer living in Ithaca, NY. Her essay “Blood Mountain” won the 2017 Notes From the Field contest at Flyway Journal. Other work has appeared in numerous journals and magazines including, NewfoundLife in the Finger Lakes Magazine, Highlights for Children, and Cargo Literary. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from Chatham University.

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