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Motherhood is Always Saying Good-bye: My Last “Birthing the Mother Writer” Column
Connection, Not Perfection
Reader Response to Birthing the Mother Writer Class 5: The Spectrum of Creative Nonfiction
Write Now: Why You Really Can’t Wait Any Longer
Birthing the Mother Writer Class 5: The Spectrum of Creative Nonfiction
Calling Home
Reader Response to Birthing the Mother Writer Class 4: The Roll/Role of Dialogue in Fiction
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Making Room
Birthing the Mother Writer Class 4: The Roll/Role of Dialogue in Fiction
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A Crocodilian Resolution
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Birthing the Mother Writer Class 3: The Arc/Ark of Narrative
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Tennis Balls in Tube Socks: The Gravitas of Motherhood
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Dangerous Cooking for Boys
Help Wanted: Working Mom. Apply Within.
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June Cleaver: The Exorcism
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Renewal: Beginning a New Season in the Mother Writer Life
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Who Needs a Man?
Fallow: Remembering that Before Birth Comes the Cave
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Mommy Bloggers R Us … Sort Of
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Secret Powers
Pruning: Centering Your Writing Around Its Roots
Surviving that first Date Night
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Ear Gauges at 12: Oh, My!
Handling the Rejection
A New Beginning
Gathering in the Harvest of Girls: On Mothering, Desire, and Writing
True Love Weights
Reader Response to Fruiting: What Happens After You Become a Published Writer
Fair-Weather Friends
The Pause Button
Never Let Me Go
Fruiting: What Happens After You Become a Published Writer (A Guide for When the Fruits of Your Labor Start Coming In)
The Price of Cool
Reader Response to Planting: Sowing the Seeds of the Self in One’s Own Writing Room
How We Got Here
Planting: Sowing the Seeds of the Self in One’s Own Writing Room
How to Raise Kids Who Love Winter: Sixteen Tips
Reader Response to Wintering: Moving within the Self as a Way of Conceiving One’s Own Writing
Good Friday
Tube or Not Tube?
Too Many Children
Wintering: Moving within the Self as a Way of Conceiving One’s Own Writing
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Winter Greens
The Invisible Dog
Cabin Fever
Being a Natural Mother
What’s Your Ravioli?
After Sandy
Looking for Tony
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Whacked, Whipped, and Wicked
My Fat Arms
Desiring Natural Motherhood
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Molasses: The Sweet, the Sticky, the Downright Fishy
Something Else to Think About
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School for Mama
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A is for Alcoholic
You Are Here
Of This Fantastic Peach
How I Got to be Old
Reader Response to A Dozen Years
You Are Not Alone
Forever Young
A Dozen Years
Mamas on the Loose
Back to the Soil
Reader Response to In spring, the daughter blossoms
Every Mother’s Son
Recycle, Rethink, Respect
In spring, the daughter blossoms
Reader Response to My New Year’s Resolution: Belly Time
My Double Life
My New Year’s Resolution: Belly Time
The UBuntu of Mother City Mama
The End of the Year as We Knew It
Body One or Body Two
More Thursdays
When Mothers Talk
Reader Response to The Poetry of Loss: On Mothering and Dealing with Death
Language Lessons
The Poetry of Loss: On Mothering and Dealing with Death
In Good Faith: Halloween in a Foreign Land
A Book Reader Becomes a Book Writer
At Home with a Teen
Table Graces
Of Books and Clubs and Book Clubs
Reader Response to “Essential French and Italian for Mamas”
The Little Peppermint Red-Haired Patty Girl
Essential French and Italian for Mamas
Unfinished Overseas
You Have Struck A Rock: Women’s Day in South Africa
Once Upon a Kindle and Other Gateways
The Power of Pictures: Three Snapshots
Them’s Eating Words
Despicable Me
My Lucky Stars
Of Baby Shoes, Going the Fuck to Sleep, and the Ephemera of Modern Life
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I’m Beige; You’re Brown
A Walk on the Moors
Fff… family
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Black Swan and Burlesque
What Lies Beneath
Oh, That’s a Really Good Question
The Year in Books
You’re My Mom. I Love You. But That Doesn’t Mean I Want to Hang Out With You.
Rated ‘M’
The Labyrinth of Motherhood
Reading, Technology, Intimacy
Guardian Angels of the Staircase
Oh, the Questions They Ask: Sexy Vocab Part 2
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But, in Things. . .
Casa de los Babys
Book Bind
Mother Bees: Gathering the Beautiful from the School Experience
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Sexy Books
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Race to Nowhere
The Bootlegged Path to San Marco
Under the Weather
Oh, the Questions They Ask: Am I Normal?
Six Years Old
Three Small Documentaries With a Big Impact
My Easy Child
Sex and the Teenage Reader — and her Mother
On Fear
Dinner for Three
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Best Quality
The Two-Legged Stool on Vacation
The Kids Grow Up
Love Always From Ruth
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Solo on Stage
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Gold as Though It Didn’t Know
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Sperm Donor X
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Sleeping Beauty & The Fairy Prince: A Modern Retelling
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A Good Year for Ice
There But for the Grace
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My Own Private M.B.
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Three Magic Wishes
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Jackpot in my Underwear
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Cabin Fever
Breaking the Mold
Notes from the Mother Journey: Using Journals to Reflect on Your Decision to Become a Mother
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What Do You Feed Your Vagina for Breakfast?
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The Iron Giant
Let’s Talk About Porn
Mama’s Milk
Stepping Into Mamahood
The Business of Being Born
The Renewable Power of Yes
The Sacred Nylabone of Now
Shadow of the Blue Witch
Art and Identity in Bud, Not Buddy and Becoming Naomi León
What the Eyes Can’t See, What the Ears Can’t Hear
Hail to the Chief
Double High Risk?
Birthing Stories
Thinking Little
Must Read After My Death
Our Houseful
The Visit
Game Face
Fly Away Home
Lesson from the Lambada Spider
Happiness, Apparently, Is a Warm Gun
In Memoriam
Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Christmas in the Country
Tradition? Tradition!
On Tradition
(No Longer) an Invisible Illness
And Heaven and Nature Sing
Puppy Love
Who Does She Think She Is?
Angels and Insects
Multi-Culti Mealtimes: a Love Story
A Wing and a Prayer
My Goddess Years?
The Picture I Carry
Baby Mama
Stepping Stones
Getting to Yes
An Open Letter to My Pro-Life Christian Friends on the Eve of the Election
Running for Office
The Surge
Letting Go
What’s Your Point, Honey?
Escuelita Days
Another Mama for Obama
Work Matters
The VP Candidate From Nowhere
Political Fire
Love and Death in the Time of Motherhood
“Saying Goodbye”
Time to Pass it On
The Red Balloon
Core Matters
Time to Grow Up
Towards Home
Hello Muddah
Christ’s Own Forever
Missing Links
The Popular Girl
Step 12: Awakened by a Child
Biology Lesson
Secrecy and Surveillance
Sound and Music
The Church without Walls
Into Thin Woods
My Son, the Chauffeur
Evan David Kamida, July 30, 2000 – July 24, 2008
Weighty Issues: Mama Gets enLIGHTened
My Teenage Companion
Mothers Like Us: Contemplating My Tribe
Moving Day
Green Galoshes
A Nutritional Low
Step 11: Caught and Taught by Grace
The IEP, or “Inadequacies Effectively Presented”
Natural Flavor
Sweet Child of Mine
Bunnies for Babies
Swimming With My Clothes On
Mama’s Boy is Growing Up
What’s in a Name?
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My Mother’s Big Day
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Autism: The Musical
The Family Food
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We’re With The Band
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Mama’s Boy Heads West
Frida and Me
Motherhood, Money, and Growing Up
My Upcoming Life as a Part-Time Wife
Step 8: Faith Without Works is Just a Prayer Without Legs
Money Matters
Vampire Love
The Last Day
Life, Death, and Middle School
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Passionata Pink
The Hands On/Hands Off Mother
Moving On
Step 7: Unexpected Breaks
And the Winner Is…
Peace, Love, Perspective
The Birth of a Mama’s Boy, The Birth of a Mama
Sky of Blue and Sea of Green
My Mustard Valentine
On Binges and Benders
Life in Parentheses
A Most Unusual Valentine
Step 6: Getting Out of My Own Way
Taking Care
Trusting and Turning
“Boy” Books and “Girl” Books
Falling for M.B.
Reading Ahead
Riding Shotgun
The Inlooker’s Lament
The Many Faces of Help
Names for Things
Objects of Desire
Step 5: Taking the Fifth, Not Pleading It
Miracle on 34th Street
Happy Birthday, Mom, Whatever Day It Is
Step 4: Our Naughty and Nice Lists
Finding the Girl, Finding the Woman
Who Am I Without My Wallet?
My Christmas Books
The Soul of the Soul
A Big Pink Plus
Still Life with Shoes
Boys, Boys, Everywhere
Into the Wild
Step 3: Turning to God
The Dark Side
The Blues
On the Floor, in the Dark, with a Candle
Of Weddings and Milestones
Praise Them Well
Surrendering to Blue
That Other Kind of Waking
Manny & Lo
The Last Birthday Party
That Mom
So How Was Africa?
Step 2: Something Other Than Baby
Should We Burn Babar? Political correctness and children’s literature
We Still Have Joy
Shut Up and Sing
Cradle Christian
Better a Diamond
Special Needs Siblings
Two Kinds of Men
Monsters, and Rejection, and Disappointment! Oh, My!
Ists and Isn’ts
Around the Corner
Where’s the Dating Writer?
Step 1: Hello, My Name is Mommy, and I’m an Alcoholic
Mother of a Jock
Peace. Now.
Back to School
My Mother’s Gift
Me and My House
The Making of a Mama’s Boy
My Neighbor Totoro and Whale Rider
A Bite Out of the Sandwich
Dark Night of the Summer
Summer Clearance
Travel Down Memory Lane … Because I Said So.
Get the Tissues, Get the Broom!
The Harry Potter Factor
The Sandwich Goes on Vacation
Searching for Words
Single Mom Seeking Revenge
Striking a Balance
Difficult Terrain
Back to America
Non-Custodial Means Keeping Your Mouth Shut
My Other Mother
The Fix-It Fairy
Adventures of our Baby
Thoughts on Turning 40
Who’s your Dada?
Writer Dads
Special Needs Dads
The Part That Stays
On African Fathers and an American Dad
Field of Dreams
My Other (Childfree, Single) Life
Plays Well With Others
Just Say No
You’re Having an Attack
The Girl’s Got Wheels
A Lesson from Tinky and Jerry
Faire La Fête
The Center of the World
Down the Basement Steps
Somewhere in the Meld
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
The Talk, Part One in a Series
May Flowers, May Flags
My Good Abortion
Of Loss and Love
Cheerleader for Love
One of Our Own
The Formula For Letting Go
Outside Reading
Bravery and Fear
Sneaking Sex
The Namesake
In a Footnote
The Hiders and the Hunters
Sports Fans
Musical Beds
Of Lice and Men
A Home So Far Away
Shopping For a Bralette
The Stepfather Question
Special Needs Diaper Bag
Baby Doll
I Am A Stepmother
The Sound of Music
I Want a Fat Canadian Lady
Sandwich Swimsuit Hell
We are Family
Truth. Parenting. Sex. Ouch.
Thoughts on a Daughter Who Doesn’t Always Obey
Stepmother: What’s In a Name?
A Tale of Two Brises
Crossing the Lines of Sex and Race
Special Needs Love
Sad Stories and Why We Read Them
Keep an Eye on Your Husband
The Motherhood Manifesto
Secret, Secret…I’ve Got a Secret
How to Publish a Book
Passing the Keys
Learning Santosha
The Things She Gave Me, The Things I Took Away
Phasing Out the Honeymoon Phase
My Mom Says My Book Is Trash
My Child, the Bible Thumper
Between the Lines
The Squid and The Whale
Kids and Culture Shock
A Little Help, Please?
Nothing Has Changed
The Min Legacy
What Is This, a Kibbutz?
A Hell of a Way to Make Friends
Death Watch
Happy Imperfect New Year
Rising to the Occasion Part II
New Year’s Resolutions
At Playgroup in Africa the Topic is Kidnap
Into the Woods
The Mother at the Swings
I’m “It”
New Year’s Reading Resolution
I Hate Christmas
Hello Sandwich
It’s A Wonderful Life
A Black Mama’s Interactive Guide to Shopping for Dolls for Christmas: The Good, The Bad, and The Barbie
Dog Gonnit
The Silver Trumpet
No Guts, No Glory
Are You a Female Chauvinist Pig?
The Imagined Child
Happy Birthday to Literary Mama
School Worries
Does Biopsy Mean No Puppy?
BRANDED! A Godless Couple Celebrates 20 Years
Sunday, Whiny Sunday
A Man Who Can Build A House Turns Me On
Rising to the Occasion Part I
Grant Us Wisdom, Grant Us Courage
I Don’t Like to Watch
Hair Envy
Young Adult Fairy Tales
Angelina and Me
Magic Class
More Important Things To Do
Little Miss Sunshine
No Place to Lay Our Heads
On Moderation and Microbes
My Daughter, My Self
The Tyranny of Housework
The Baby
Dr. Dobson Doesn’t Speak For Me
The Well-Turned Column
My Life Without Me
Sparing the Rod
Kindergarten to College
The Truthiness of Teens
The Joys of Paperwork
Home Comes Mama
Questions and Answers
Facing the City
Good, Evil, and Harry Potter
Finding a Family Man
Adventures of a Teenage Super-Mom
The Falling-in-Love Factor
The Incredibles
Mothers Revolution
Nectarines and Blue Paper
The Art of Imperfection
An Inconvenient Truth
Things You Can’t Teach
Literary Reflections
Everybody Loves an Asian Boy
When God was a Mother
Life in the Gray Area
Why Start a Pregnancy Journal?
The Waiting Game
Writing is Rewriting
Nursing the Machine
Raising the Ruling Class
Wanted: Armchair Activists
Gray Like Me
The Secret Lives of Dentists
Killing Nemo’s Mom: Independence and Overprotection in Children’s Entertainment
Kid Lit by the Rich and Famous
True Love: Family of Friends
Wearing the Family Party Face
A Journey to the Past
Mom Blogs: Literature, Therapy or Just a Whole Lot of Baby Pictures?
Dalai Mama
Father Writing: Floundering or Flourishing?
Field of Dreams
Pat Is a Name, Not an Ending
On Rejection: Part II
Still Married
On Rejection: Part I
Faith of a Child
Satan’s Spawn: Or, Getting Along with Siblings in Books
Who Says Moms Don’t Read?
Meeting Anna
Good Sports
Birth, Rebirth Part II
Balancing Play Dates & Blind Dates
Inclement Weather
Mama Laureate
Orange Flame
Learning to Write
Letting Go
Birth, Rebirth Part I
Coming Home
Hurry Up and Wait
My UPS Man
Safe Sex
Bad Girl
In The Trenches
Time Out, Grandpa!
Are You My Daddy?
Eggs for Sale
Taking Notes
The Men in Our Lives
To My Literary Mama
Single Mom Seeking
Duty, Honor . . . Family?
On Clothing, Or Lack of It
Finding Magic Mountain
Grains of Sand
The Reading-Aloud Years
Piece on Earth
Women Want Wives, Too
Beautiful Things
Room for Love
Dispatch from India
January 12
Boxed Out
Why Not Cinderella?
My Year of Living Naughtily
¡Adios, Amigos!
Doing it Differently
Free at Last
The Good Girls Go To College
Untapped Sources
Mothering My Past
Second Thoughts
The End, and a Beginning
If I had a Jackhammer
Belle of the Ball
Fall Mind
Adopting Elvis
It’s a Boy
Ama de Casa
Day . . . Break
Confessions of a Luddite Mom
Time To Eat
Mysterious Groceries
Passport to Parenthood
In the Company of Mothers
Taking the Plunge
Rubik’s Cube
Unbalanced, Part II
Realty vs. Reality
For Trupti and Tushar in Pune, India
Home Again
In the Company of Myself
Like a Train Wreck (But In A Good Way)
Saying Goodbye
Playing with Fire
The Third Baby
Unbalanced, Part 1
Story Time
Television Desperation
Oui, Mademoiselle
Mother’s Little Helper
We Can Build Snowmen in Central Park
True Grit
Tag, You’re It!
False Alarm
why we blog
Old Dog
Marmee’s Anger
What Might Have Been
Give The Girl Some Scissors
I Knew Her When
My Daughter’s Other Mother
Mission Unlikely
Separation Anxiety
A Stranger in a Spartan Land
Operating in the Negative
My God
Wondering About Alice
No Hay Palabras: 11-M Remembered
Who’s Your Daddy?
First Flight
Dream State
In the Company of Strangers
On Having Three Kids — Eight Months Later
Loothing It
Little Miracle
Playing Indian
The Naughty Mommy and Me
No Mother is an Island
Telling Stories
To My Friend Kim on the Eve of the Birth of Her Second Child
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
My Little Yogi
Bitchy Brooklyn Mama
Going to the Chapel
Martha on my Mind
Fish Out of Water
Leaving Mecca
Better Sex Through Chemistry?
Home for the Holidays
What She Said
Mother Love in Children’s Literature
Three Sleepless Nights
Real Writers
Bipartisan Marriage
The One You’re With
Confessions of a Desperate Housewife
Freedom, Baby: Part 2
Extended Family
Far From Cool
Filling in the gaps
It’s Official
Shopping With Three Presidents
Surviving Bad Days with Coffee, Alcohol, Play-Doh, and TV
Identifying with the Bad Guy
Starry Sky
Birth Stories
Cover Moms
Freedom, Baby: Part 1
Circle Time
Desiring Books Over Babies
Three Julys
Two’s Company
Voice of Reason
The Family Bathroom
My Shrinking World
Looking for Enjoli
Shotgun Wedding
Dread and Chocolate
Longing to Glow
Fault Lines
Lost and Found, Part 2
The New Bed
Say My Name
Childbirth Choices
Room of My Own
On Having Three Kids
Change of Scenery
Independence Day
The Warden
Condition Orange
Staying Cool
Lost and Found, Part 1
Just Us Always
Family Lit 101
Yes, Sweetie, Baby Sister is Black Like Us
Dia De La Madre
First Mother’s Day
On Not Learning to Clean
What a Thimble Holds
My Mother, The Munchen
Stay-Home Mom, with Benefits
The Evolution of Motherhood
The Piano Tuner
Mama Tried
Books Still Waiting
Sister Knows Best
Just Mommy and Me
Do They Remember?
Down Comes Mama
Camp Hell
We’re Safe
Independence Day
Pillow Talk
Square Pegs
Pass It On
Becoming Mine
On The Back Burner
The Girl is Mine
Bilingual Babe
The Kitchen Table
Other Takes Over Mother
Help Me Hell
Mother Worrier Warrior in the Kitchen: Pride and Pancakes
Peace Officer
Spotty and the Great Beyond
Hollywood and Mom?
Spillproof Love
First Day of School
How It All Began
The Accident
Going on a Rachel Hunt
Midlife Mama
Peloponnesian Love
Recipe for a Worrier Warrior
Mother Shock
Sharp Curves Ahead
Mama in the Middle
Let’s Talk About Sex