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Jen Karetnick

Food-and-travel writer Jen Karetnick‘s poetry has appeared in North American Review, The Georgetown Review, Blue Unicorn, River Styx, Black River Review, The Spoon River Poetry Review, The Nebraska Review, and The Greensboro Review, among others. The author of Around Miami with Kids (RandomHouse) and co-author of Raw Food in the Real World (ReganBooks, July 2005), she is the editor of the anthology-in-progress, Enopoetica: A Collection of Poems Inspired by Wine. (E-mail submissions to She is the features editor for The Wine News; the “Kitsch’n” columinst for the Drexel Online Journal and the “Sexy Tastes” columnist for Citizen Culture. Jen lives in Miami Shores with her husband, Jon; her children Zoe (6) and Remy (4); four cats of various ages and pedigree; and 14 mango trees of indeterminate age.

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Jan 25, 2005 Rules for New Parents Poetry