Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood
Judith Stadtman Tucker

Judith Stadtman Tucker, editor of Mothers Movement Online, has been involved in research and advocacy related to mothers’ issues since 1999. She served as the senior manager for the Mothers & More Advocacy program from 2000 – 2003, where her work focused on gathering resources and developing consciousness-raising programs for the organization’s membership. She currently serves as a special advisor on advocacy issues to Mothers & More and other organizations that are committed to social change on behalf of mothers. She lives in Portsmouth, NH with her husband and two sons (age 6 and 10) and has contributed numerous articles on women’s issues to the Seacoast Newspapers and the Portsmouth Herald. She has also been a regular contributor to the national bi-monthly publication of Mothers & More, the Mothers & More Forum. This review originally appeared in the October issue of Mothers Movement Online.