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Kathryn Trueblood

Kathryn Trueblood has been awarded the Goldenberg Prize for Fiction and the Red Hen Press Short Story Award. Her recent book, Take Daily As Needed, treats parenting while chronically ill with the desperado humor the subject deserves (University of New Mexico Press, 2019). Her previous novel, The Baby Lottery, deals with the repercussions of infertility in a female friend group (a Book Sense Pick, 2007). Trueblood’s work has been published in Poets & Writers Magazine, the Bellevue Literary Review, Medical Literary Messenger, The Los Angeles Review, and Glimmer Train, among others. She is a professor of English at Western Washington University and a faculty member of The Red Badge Project, a nonprofit serving veterans through the use of storytelling techniques. You can listen to an interview with Kathryn here or here.


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