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Libby Maxey
Literary Reflections Editorial Assistant

Libby Maxey lives in rural Massachussetts with her husband and two young sons. With her academic career as a medievalist having died a stunningly swift death by childbirth, she is now a stay-at-home mom who does some editing, writes some poetry, reads when able and sings with her local light opera company.

Date Title Section
Apr 13, 2014 Essential Reading: Sacrifice Essential Reading
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Feb 9, 2014 Essential Reading: Opportunity Essential Reading
Jan 26, 2014 Poetic and Profane: A Review of My Mother Did Not Tell Stories Reviews
Jan 26, 2014 Now Reading: January 2014 Literary Reflections
Jan 1, 2014 Essential Reading: Memory Essential Reading
Dec 21, 2013 Now Reading: December 2013 Literary Reflections
Dec 7, 2013 Essential Reading: Mothers and Art Essential Reading
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Nov 9, 2013 Essential Reading: Social Life Essential Reading
Oct 27, 2013 Now Reading: October 2013 Literary Reflections
Oct 12, 2013 Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood Essential Reading
Sep 21, 2013 Now Reading: September 2013 Literary Reflections
Sep 7, 2013 Essential Reading: Teaching and Learning Essential Reading
Aug 25, 2013 Now Reading: August 2013 Literary Reflections
Aug 10, 2013 Essential Reading: Work Essential Reading
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Jun 22, 2013 Now Reading: June 2013 Literary Reflections
Jun 9, 2013 Essential Reading: Father’s Day Essential Reading
May 25, 2013 Now Reading: May 2013 Now Reading
May 11, 2013 Essential Reading: Mother’s Day Essential Reading
Apr 27, 2013 Now Reading: April 2013 Now Reading
Apr 13, 2013 Essential Reading: New Ways of Speaking Essential Reading
Mar 24, 2013 Now Reading: March 2013 Now Reading
Mar 9, 2013 Essential Reading: Generations Essential Reading
Feb 24, 2013 Now Reading: February 2013 Now Reading
Feb 9, 2013 Essential Reading: Books to Read Again (and Again) Essential Reading
Jan 26, 2013 Now Reading: January 2013 Now Reading
Jan 12, 2013 Essential Reading: Beginnings Essential Reading
Dec 22, 2012 Now Reading: December 2012 Now Reading
Dec 8, 2012 Essential Reading: Grandmotherhood Essential Reading
Nov 24, 2012 Now Reading: November 2012 Now Reading
Nov 10, 2012 Essential Reading: Alternative Motherhood Essential Reading
Oct 28, 2012 Now Reading: October 2012 Now Reading
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Date Title Section
Jan 29, 2014 Celebrating Ten years of Literary Mama: Libby Maxey Blog