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Lisa McMann

Lisa McMann is married to Matt, who sings as much as she writes. She has a ten-year-old son, Kilian, and a seven-year-old daughter, Kennedy. If you asked her today what her favorite ages are, she’d say ten and seven. Lisa forgot all about writing when her kids were younger, but now that they can make their own sandwiches and bake a frozen pizza if necessary, she has more time to devote to her writing. She especially loves it when the kids climb into bed with her and write stories with her. You can find her fiction at various places around the Web like Pindeldyboz, The Glut, and MonkeyBicycle. She also has work published in print journals like Sexy Stranger and Gator Springs Gazette, and is forthcoming in Snow Monkey. In her spare time, she works as an editor of insolent rudder.

Date Title Section
Feb 16, 2005 When You’re Ten Creative Nonfiction