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Marjorie Osterhout
Marjorie Osterhout

Marjorie Osterhout is a writer, editor, and storyteller. Her essays and articles have appeared in anthologies like It’s A Boy (Seal Press) and magazines including Parents, Parenting, and ePregnancy. She also spent a whirlwind three years travel writing for Disney. Her history at Literary Mama includes Managing Editor, Columns Editor, and under-the-hood tinkerer. Now she’s thrilled to be writing the “Dear Marjo” column, which satisfies a lifelong itch. As a bossy oldest sister, telling people what to do comes naturally. As a mom, it comes lovingly. She is a former managing editor, columns editor, and columnist for Literary Mama.

Books by Marjorie Osterhout

Date Title Section
Nov 10, 2006 She Makes A Small Sound Fiction
Sep 23, 2006 Chick Lit Grows Up: A Review of Sweet Ruin Reviews