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Melissa Flicek Doffing

Melissa Flicek Doffing has a MA in English, has taught college-level literature and composition and worked as a business writer. She has published in a variety of genres including academic essays, creative non-fiction, books reviews and articles. Most recently, her work has appeared in Salome Magazine, Women Writers: A Zine and Savvy Women’s Magazine. She is co-editor of the food and travel anthology Let Them Eat Crepes: stories featuring the French pancake and her essay, More to Lose, will appear in the Help Inspire Others Project anthology, PaniK: Candid Stories of Life Altering Experiences Surrounding Pregnancy, slated to release in September 2011. She updates her blog sporadically when not chasing her three-year-old or nursing her newborn, but hopes to write more soon.

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Aug 13, 2011 Blog Book Review: Arms Wide Open Blog