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Susan Jardin

A native of San Francisco, California, Susan Elliott Jardin has examined her life through poetry, short stories and journaling for decades, but has only recently begun to share her words with the world at large. Her first published work ran earlier this year in the Winter 2005 issue of the Pitzer College Participant. She has a B.A. degree in Cultural Anthropology and lived and worked in Rome, Italy, for 5 years before becoming a ceramic artist. In 2002, Jardin co-produced the Hopes and Fears Project, an international multi-media art installation of art and writing focused on the impending war in Iraq. Jardin continues to keep numerous plates spinning, including her ceramics, her writing based on her years abroad, and her coordination of the academic mentoring program at her daughter’s school. Susan, her husband and their children, now 8 and 15, live in Berkeley, CA. She can be contacted at