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Wanda Schubmehl

Wanda Schubmehl is a poet and therapist living in Rochester, New York. She and her husband, Bill, have two daughters: Stephanie, who lives in Beijing, China, speaks Mandarin fluently, and works for a Chinese translation company, and Adriana, who is studying for a Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution at St. Andrew’s University in Fife, Scotland. Air miles have become very important to her.
Wanda’s work has appeared in Writer Online, Rattle, and Centrifugal Eye, and in the anthologies The Dire Elegies: 59 Poets on Endangered Species of North America and Knocking on the Silence. Her poem “While Eating Outdoors in Beijing” was nominated by Ghoti for a Pushcart prize.

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Mar 1, 2009 I Talk with My Friend by Canopic Jars Poetry