Literary Mama writing about the many faces of motherhood
Literary Reflections
Bouncing off Rock Bottom
Essential Reading: Humor
Tornado Drill Position
At the Kitchen Table Where Miracles Happen
Reflections of a Mother Who Writes to Heal
Sand Stories
Essential Reading: Historical Fiction
The Gothic Motherhoods of Shirley Jackson and Diane Arbus
The Last Bedtime Story
Writing from a Pile of Shoes: Chronic Illness, Kids, and Creation
Essential Reading: Crime
Essential Reading: Favorites From Our School Days
Get in the Car!
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Speaking Book
My Fledgling Reader
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
On Repetition and Revision in Motherhood and #MeToo
Remixing Memories: Back Down Memory Lane
Essential Reading: Children’s Books
The Single Sentence
Essential Reading: Favorite Memoirs
Dead Scientists Society: Experiments in Creativity and Parenting
Essential Reading: Black History Month
Birth Meridian
Essential Reading – Books about Writing
Essential Reading: Gift Recommendations
A Story Worth Telling
Dear Virginia
Essential Reading: Books In A Row
Poetry or Prose: Writing and Motherhood
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Book Therapy
Essential Reading: Young Adult
Rage Against the Melancholia
Beautiful Words
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
A New Picture
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
Essential Reading – Prize Winners
On the Silence of Regret
In Search of a New Writing Nook
Essential Reading: Road Trip
Reading Mommy’s (R-Rated) Book: An Adventure in Three Acts
Essential Reading: A Love Story
Essential Reading: Courage
A Box Labeled “Tinsel and Lights”
Essential Reading: Audiobooks
Ned the Noodle-Eating Knight and Other Tales
Essential Reading: Food
Ten Books
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Writing Prompt: Literary Reflections
Essential Reading: Book Club
Comfort in Stories
Manifesto Destiny: The Crafting of a Family Manifesto
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
Mother Mary
Keeping A Writer’s House With The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes
My Family’s Stories
Essential Reading: Short Form
Essential Reading: Feminism
The Daughter I Need
Essential Reading: Adaptations
Good Words
Essential Reading: Self-Help and Inspirational Reads
Whale Watching in Iceland
Bearing the Body in Paradox
An Unsettled Mother in an Unsettled World
Essential Reading: Guilty Pleasures
Essential Reading: Genre Faves
The Great Height and the Long View
Confessions of a Diary Writer
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Family Lore, Baby Lore
Of Art, Desire, Independence, and Spirit
Making Time for Quiet
Essential Reading: Back to the Books
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Why We Still Need Ramona’s Realism
Farewell to the Boy Wizard
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
Motherpoet: Boon of the Parallel Journey
On Depression and the Drive to Write
Essential Reading: National Poetry Month
Books Bind Us
Drink Me
Essential Reading: Real Women, Real Stories
A Love Letter to my Tribe
Writing After the Storm
Essential Reading: Diverse Voices
Essential Reading: New Beginnings
My Daughter-Who-Doesn’t-Like-To-Read
You Say You Want a Revolution?
The Wolf Inside
Walking the Labyrinth on my Almost Birthday
Essential Reading: Family Cooking
A Foundation for a Fortress
Writing Fiction, Raising Teenagers
Essential Reading: The Creative Crunch
Bernadette and Me
Baby at My Breast—The Path to a Book
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Essential Reading: The Gift of Time
She Writes
Raising Readers: A Mother’s Tale From the Trenches
Attachment Parenting, A Writer’s Journey
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
Green Light
Essential Reading: From a Child’s Point of View
Everything Counts
Essential Reading: Bravery
Essential Reading: Seasons
Making Life
Essential Reading: Wishing
Essential Reading: Traditions
Essential Reading: Thankfulness
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Open Receptivity: On Becoming a Mother-Writer
Essential Reading: Solitude
Essential Reading: Beauty
Writing Together
Writing Prompt: Writing Together by Stacey Loscalzo
Now Reading: July 2014
Essential Reading: Discovery
Now Reading: June 2014
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Now Reading: May 2014
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
The Mother As She Writes
Writing Prompt: The Mother As She Writes by Andrea Lani
Now Reading: April 2014
Essential Reading: Sacrifice
For the Love of Lemony Snicket
Writing Prompt: For the Love of Lemony Snicket by Patricia Zaballos
Now Reading: March 2014
Essential Reading: Distance
Truth Be Told
Writing Prompt: Truth Be Told by Barbara Straus Lodge
Now Reading: February 2014
Essential Reading: Opportunity
Now Reading: January 2014
Essential Reading: Memory
Now Reading: December 2013
Marmee Through The Window
Writing Prompt: Marmee Through The Window by Elisabeth M. Priest
Essential Reading: Mothers and Art
Now Reading: November 2013
Essential Reading: Social Life
Now Reading: October 2013
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Now Reading: September 2013
Essential Reading: Teaching and Learning
Now Reading: August 2013
Essential Reading: Work
Open to Revision
Now Reading: July 2013
Essential Reading: Journeys
Now Reading: June 2013
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
Minutes Are Just Seconds Aren’t Minutes
Essential Reading: New Ways of Speaking
Essential Reading: Generations
The New Yorker For Mothers
Writing Prompt: The New Yorker for Mothers
Essential Reading: Books to Read Again (and Again)
Essential Reading: Beginnings
Essential Reading: Grandmotherhood
Essential Reading: Alternative Motherhood
Writing Prompt: Prophecy
Infinite Connections
Writing Prompt: Infinite Connections
Now Reading: July 2012
Essential Reading: Translation
Now Reading: June 2012
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Now Reading: May 2012
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
Now Reading: April 2012
Essential Reading: Poetry
Now Reading: March 2012
Essential Reading: Motherless Women and Girls
Of Books and Babies
Writing Prompt: Of Books and Babies
Now Reading: February 2012
Essential Reading: Motherhood Around the World
My Subject Chose Me
Writing Prompt: My Subject Chose Me
Now Reading: January, 2012
Essential Reading: Single Motherhood
Now Reading: December 2011
December Essential Reading: Gifts
Writing Prompt: Five Minutes
Now Reading: November, 2011
Essential Reading: Books We’re Talking About
Writing Prompt: Stowaway
Now Reading: October, 2011
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Now Reading: September, 2011
Essential Reading: Nature
Now Reading: August, 2011
Essential Reading: Tears (Books That Made Us Weep)
Essential Reading, Freedom
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
Now Reading: June, 2011
Essential Reading: Literary Mama Books
Living With Captain Underpants
Writing Prompt: Living With Captain Underpants
Now Reading, April 2011
Essential Reading: Poetry Month
Being Called By the Dark
Writing Prompt: Being Called by the Dark
Now Reading: March 2011
Essential Reading: It’s Academic
One Book at a Time
Writing Prompt: One Book at a Time
Now Reading: February 2011
Essential Reading: Favorite Read-Alouds, Kids and Adults
Emerging From the Pages
Writing Prompt: Emerging from the Pages
Now Reading: January, 2011
Essential Reading: Friendship
Writing For Two
Writing Prompt: Writing for Two
Essential Reading: History
Little Woman
Writing Prompt: Little Woman
Now Reading: November, 2010
Essential Reading: Travel
Writing Prompt: I Am Here
I Am Here
October, 2010
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
Shoveling Snow
Writing Prompt: Shoveling Snow
September, 2010
Essential Reading: Nature
August, 2010
Essential Reading: Women’s Memoir
Reading Zelda
Writing Prompt: Reading Zelda
July, 2010
Essential Reading: Freedom
On the Other Side of the Magic Mirror
Writing Prompt: On the Other Side of the Magic Mirror
June, 2010
All Things Edible, Random, and Odd
Writing Prompt: All Things Edible, Random and Odd
Essential Reading: Father’s Day
May, 2010
Mothering My Writing
Writing Prompt: Mothering My Writing
Essential Reading: Mother’s Day
April, 2010
Essential Reading: Poetry Month
A Work in Progress
Writing Prompt: A Work in Progress
March, 2010
Essential Reading: It’s Academic
Love & Literacy in the Time of Parenting
Writing Prompt: Love & Literacy in the Time of Parenting
February, 2010
Essential Reading: Reading Aloud
Never My-zulled
Writing Prompt: Never My-zulled
January, 2010
Essential Reading: Friendship
Writer Duck
Writing Prompt: Writer Duck
Essential Reading: Gift of Time
Writing Prompt: Why Can’t I Be More Like Hemingway?
Why Can’t I Be More Like Hemingway?
November, 2009
Essential Reading: Treasured Children’s Titles
On Being a Woman Writer: An Open Letter to Virginia Woolf
October, 2009
Essential Reading: Desiring Motherhood
September, 2009
Permission Slip
Essential Reading: Work
Writing Prompt: Confessions of a Groupie
Confessions of a Groupie
August, 2009
Essential Reading: Marriage
Writing Prompt: Unbricking
July, 2009
June, 2009
Essential Reading: Fatherhood
May, 2009
I Am a Secret Novelist
Essential Reading: Motherhood
Writing Prompt: Mother Muteness: Writing My Way Out of Silence
April, 2009
Mother Muteness: Writing My Way Out of Silence
Poetry: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Listing
March, 2009
Spirituality: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Motherwriter
February, 2009
Guilty Pleasures: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: When Income Envy Comes Home
January, 2009
When Income Envy Comes Home
Identity: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: From Laundry to Literature
December, 2008
From Laundry to Literature
Short Stories: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Mothering Left to Write
November, 2008
Mothering Left to Write
Politics: The Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: I Write in the Shower
I Write in the Shower
October, 2008
Desiring Motherhood: The Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Witch
September, 2008
September Essential Reading: The Great Outdoors
Writing Prompt: Voice: A Study in the Writer’s Art
August, 2008
Books Made Into Movies: Essential Reading
Voice: A Study in the Writer’s Art
Writing Prompt: An Inheritance from My Mother: Emily Dickinson
An Inheritance from My Mother: Emily Dickinson
July, 2008
June, 2008
Father’s Day: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Pinging Rocking and Writing
Pinging Rocking and Writing
May, 2008
Mother’s Day: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: A Vinyl Batgirl Notebook
A Vinyl Batgirl Notebook
April, 2008
Poetry: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Writing Between the Cracks
Writing Between the Cracks
March, 2008
March Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Green Means Go
February, 2008
Green Means Go
Love Stories: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: When the Bough Breaks
When the Bough Breaks
January, 2008
Winter: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Getting Books
Getting Books
Winter, 2008
Generations: Essential Reading
Talking to Ourselves and Other Necessities of Adult Life
Writing Prompt: Talking to Ourselves and Other Necessities of Adult Life
December, 2007
Food Writing: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Barbara Delinsky Does Not Need Me
Barbara Delinsky Does Not Need Me
Desiring Motherhood: Essential Reading
November, 2007
Writing Prompt: Why Mother Pigs Eat Their Young
Why Mother Pigs Eat Their Young
Now Reading: October, 2007
Back to School: Essential Reading
Little Finch
Writing Prompt: Little Finch
September, 2007
Series: Essential Reading
Writing Prompt: Under the Skin
Under the Skin: Lessons in Transformation
August, 2007
Summer: Essential Reading
Now Reading: July, 2007
Writing Prompt: This Is Where You Write
This is Where You Write
Father’s Day: Essential Reading
Essential Functions
Writing Prompt: Essential Functions
Five Minutes
Fine: On Maternity and Mortality
Fire, Aphasia, and the Spirit World
Your Toddler: Socrates in Training Pants
In Medias Res
The Two-Year-Old’s Personal Laundress, the Writer and the Mom
How to Write a Novel
Flying Home
The Birth of Readers
Summer Tantrums
What Comes Next
The Birthing of a Mother/Daughter Memoir: A Story of Letting Go
Little Co-op on the Upper West Side
The Mother Load
The Stealth Mama and the Muse
Birthing: A Process in Vignettes
Participant Observation
Out of the Woods: Or How I Found My Muse at Walden Pond
“I wish you’d quit writing about me”
The Itch
Thirteen Ways of Looking at Being a Mother and a Poet
“What Was Your Living Mother’s Mind?”: Motherhood as Intellectual Enterprise in Mother’s Legacy Books
Writing after Midnight
Evolution of A Muse
Babies and Books: Motherhood and Writing
“We Have Deeper Selves to Write From”
On Becoming A Writer