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Writing Prompt: Essential Functions

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This month, Violeta Garcia-Mendoza writes...

In "Essential Functions," Lisa Gates contrasts the corporate culture ("frail-boned imps counting lima beans into equal piles," "three years of diligent sepia photographs loosed to the wind") with the creative one ("memories blooming and dissipating through my veins," "Paper, brushes, charcoal pencils, masses of yellow ochre and cerulean, colored squeezes of intention"). Her essay chronicles her leap from one into the other.

Write about a moment in which you've leapt into a more vibrant life. Or, if you haven't yet, about the vibrant life you covet.

Violeta Garcia-Mendoza’s poetry and fiction have recently appeared in Kestrel, Coal Hill Review, and Cicada. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and two daughters.

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