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Writing Prompt: Why Mother Pigs Eat Their Young

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In "Why Mother Pigs Eat Their Young," Kristin Reed remembers something her mother once said to her:

"I felt my mother's expression take over my face, the one she had when gazing speculatively over the top of a tattered magazine at her clamoring batch of children one long, dark, winter afternoon; the expression she wore when she said that now she knew why mother pigs eat their young."

Think about adages or sayings of your mother or other parent figure and write about how those words have affected your life.

Kathy Moran, former Literary Reflections Editor, has two grown boys and three granddaughters. A retired secondary language arts teacher and literary magazine adviser, Kathy currently works as a teacher consultant for the Greater Kansas City Writing Project and editor of their newsletter Composing Ourselves. Kathy’s reflections can be found at Marmee’s Corner.

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