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Writing Prompt: Getting Books

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In "Getting Books," Amy Hassinger watches her children's growing interest in books and reflects on how books have influenced her life. While her seven-month-old son is just discovering the delight of seeing images on a page and chewing on books' corners, her five-year-old daughter is "tasting their ideas, swallowing and digesting their stories. She's getting books now, what a multiplicity they represent, what beauty and joy and understanding and peace they offer, and also what violence and what unutterable sadness. Already, books are a crucial part of her becoming; already, they are rearranging her reality, word by word."

Prompt: Reflect on your experience with books. How have they influenced you -- in general or more specifically as a writer? What are your favorite books and how have their words rearranged your reality?

Kathy Moran, former Literary Reflections Editor, has two grown boys and three granddaughters. A retired secondary language arts teacher and literary magazine adviser, Kathy currently works as a teacher consultant for the Greater Kansas City Writing Project and editor of their newsletter Composing Ourselves. Kathy’s reflections can be found at Marmee’s Corner.

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