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Writing Prompt: Pinging Rocking and Writing

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In this month's "Pinging Rocking and Writing," Cindy Urbanski describes how she used journaling and blogging to help her cope with a particularly difficult time. She admits however, that there are still some events she is not quite ready to write about: "Some day, I will have the words to paint that day, but not yet."

Is there a difficult or joyful experience of your own that you have not yet been able to write about? What would it look like if you could paint a scene of it?

Sarah Raleigh Kilts is a proud member of the amazing Motherlode Writers Group (I love you guys!). Her writing has been published in Common Ties. Following her passions led her to discover a new career that’s tons of fun — as an elementary school music teacher to 220 fabulous 3rd 4th and 5th graders she gets to share her love of music and world culture with a captive — though often wiggly and giggly — audience. She lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area and can sometimes be found (even on school nights!) performing in local watering holes plucking the bass and singing with her hubby Thom in their Indie Rock duo, Diablo’s Dust. Three of their albums are currently available on iTunes.

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