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Writing Prompt: Confessions of a Groupie

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In this month's essay, Confessions of a Groupie, Sarah Raleigh Kilts narrates a journey she's taken with The Motherlode, a Berkeley-based mothers' writing group. They "have been like lifeguards through it all. They calmly guided me as I flailed through my sea of self doubts, threw out life preservers when I was sinking in rejections, and cheered me as I sailed on to each small success."

And though sometimes she cringed at each criticism, she admits that only through this gently guiding group was she able to connect with her true passion -- music.

Have you been a member of a group that helped you connect with your true passion? How did this group sharpen your focus? At times, did you resent their guidance? What insights to your talents did the group offer?

Merle Huerta, an army chaplain’s wife, is the mother of a blended family of thirteen children. During her husband’s combat deployments, she co-authored articles appearing in the Jerusalem Post and National Review. She has a Master�s from Columbia University in Instructional Media and Technology and a Certificate in Nonfiction from The Writers Institute at CUNY. She lives at the U.S. Military Academy in New York. “Tuesday Mornings” is her first solo publication.

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