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your blue linoleum


with tears

all day

your fan

whirls on a long stick

you have nailed

Truman Capote

to your outhouse wall

your white dress

is spotted

with blood

you glide down

the long hall

through the courtyard

past a thorned lemon tree

wild marjoram in a broken pot

blood red sticks

of rhubarb

your white dress

is spotted

with blood

the light shines

between the cracks

in your


Christina Conrad lives in New Zealand. She is a poet, playwright and painter & sculptor. She is listed in the Bloomsbury Book of Women Writers (U.K.) and her poems have been anthologized in Kiwi & Emu (ed. by Barbara Petrie),The Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Verse (ed. by Ian Wedde) and The Oxford Book of Modern New Zealand Poetry (ed. by Vincent Sullivan). In June, 2000, the University of Auckland Press published a selection of Conrad’s poems in Big Smoke, their definitive anthology of New Zealand poetry in the 1960s and 70s. She is the mother of four.

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