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I'm delving down
into the belly of earth,
into deep loam of Mother Terra
communing with earth-worms and tubers.
My feet carve clay
thighs move rock aside
make way for my daughters,
tiny seeds, caught by the midwife winds.
And into earth they'll sink
cradled in placental darkness, waiting
for their turn to praise the rain,
drink the sky,
shed their own seeds to the wind.

Ronda Broatch lives in Kingston, Washington, with her husband. They have two children, Fiona, 11, and Duncan, 9, both of whom are writers of poetry and short stories. Her work has been published in The Atlanta Review, Exhibition Magazine, Pontoon 6: An Anthology of Washington State Poets, Raven Chronicles, Literary Mama, and Poetry on Buses, in Seattle. Other pieces are forthcoming in Calyx, and the anthology The Human Growth Experiment. Ronda was a winner in the 2003 Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Literary Contest, and was awarded a residency for 2004 to the Soapstone Writer’s Retreat for Women. Her poem “Grace Baking” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2003).

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