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Dream of the Night Key

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eyes closed in the arc,
              key of night's
               chalkboard -

              the arc
                  holds you

                   its dark milk

                      my eyes and
                    x rayed sinuses
                  the durable skull

               arms & iron tight
           cat-arched back
             your dream & my dream

     the bar
   the curled wards
 and fingers like key pins

and I curl to fit in that magnet
in your lock-grasp tit-suck
half asleep

nursing immanent dawn

child glue
     lost words and sleep and sun

Liz Henry’s poems, fiction, and translations from Spanish have been published most recently in Two Lines, Poetry Flash, Other, Strange Horizons, Convergence, and Fantastic Metropolis. She is currently working on translating the poems of Juana de Ibarbourou and other modernists and early postmodernists.

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