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Mothers Song

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The mourning after he left
was long and insistent
draping itself over
every load of laundry and
unlaced shoe
surfacing in half-drunk
cups of tepid tea and
resting in uninterrupted ash

Pressing his suit against
forgone conclusion and
long-gone rapture

Finding resonance
in halting conversations
and the late, late show

While she filled
small paper bags with
brown bread sandwiches and
sang secret songs
too high-pitched for
us to know

Mothers Song was originally published in the 2002 CPA anthology Oval Victory: The Best of Canadian Poetry and in the 2003 chapbook collection, One Ticket Five Rides.

Ruth E. Walker is the mother of two girls and two boys who have all nearly made it through their teen years, and she is the foster mother of her 24-year-old nephew. She is an award-winning poet, writer and editor whose work has appeared in journals and anthologies in Canada, as well as journals in the US and the UK. A founding editor for lichen literary journal, Ruth facilitates a series of creative writing workshops and is a volunteer in the arts community in Durham Region in Ontario.

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