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The Beginning

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There were fifteen of us in a van
filled with desert wind.
The redhead next to me had anxiety attacks
and wanted a baby, now.

I swore I would see Havasupai
before I settled
with yellow flowered wallpaper.

When the van stopped
and all the women squatted
behind sand hills, I couldn't pee.

We drove into the swollen night
and thought we glimpsed a baby fox
slipping across the road.
Someone sang St. Judy's Comet,
and told stories of ants and armadillos
while I read Animal Dreams with a flashlight.

Finally, we slept by the canyon cliff.
Near morning I dreamed I fell
through the blood streaked sunrise
into blue-green turtleback water.
When I opened my eyes
I knew she was with me.

Patricia Caspers is the founding editor of West Trestle Review. Her full-length poetry collection, In the Belly of the Albatross, was published by Glass Lyre Press in 2015. Her poems have appeared in RKVRY Quartery, Cortland Review, Valparaiso Review, Superstition Review, and, most recently, in Pirene’s Fountain, Sugar House, and Quiddity.

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