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Why I Write in the Bathroom Closet

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My sons squabble over checkers,
assigning blame for the missing piece.
Their shrill accusations
ricochet off my kitchen walls.

Slumped on the sofa,
my husband watches war. Grenades
drop through floorboards,
blasting my basement bunker.

On warmer days, I'd slip away,
make a paper nest in dark pines.
But frost glosses my windows
white and closes me inside.

Desperate, I stake claim
to the bathroom closet,
balance notebook on my knees.
With one hand on my pen,
the other on the plunge,
I crouch under the dirty lightbulb,
dare my clan to piss or flush.

Jayne Pupek is the author of one book of poems, Forms of Intercession (Mayapple Press, 2008). Her first novel, Tomato Girl, will be published by Algonquin Books in the fall of 2008. She resides near Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, three children, and a menagerie of animal companions.

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