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A candle flickers,
Shadows dance erotic on wall,
Curves sway, make waves.
Cloth is shed, left behind
Like skin from snake's body.
Arms and legs weave into
Kama Sutra poses,
Fingers stroke hair
Silk flowing down back,
And her breasts,
Her breasts
Are desire and passion.
Her back arches,
Two bodies
One, two
Buckle my shoe.
Three, four
Someone's at the door.
Calling, crying,
The candle sputters,
Shadows untangle and wither,
A frantic search
For flannel pyjamas
Inside-out on the floor.
Arms and legs weave into
Cradle rocking, swaying,
Fingers twist hair,
Soft, unruly curls,
And her breasts,
Her breasts
Are comfort and safety.
They fill with milk
Two bodies
Matermorphosis complete.
Lover to Mother.

KerryAnn Cochrane is a writer, freelance translator and the mother of Simon (4) and Kira (22 months). KerryAnn lives in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). She is a member of the Caravan Collective, a group of seven Montreal-based writers.

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