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Children Dancing

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It is said that to dance on a grave
Is disrespectful of the dead.

But now, in the sunlight of late May,
The children dance on their great-grandmother's grave.

My mother would rejoice to see their impish faces,
The unbridled way they run and sing and frolic

Upon her grave, completely at ease
Among bold red geraniums

As those of us who loved her
Stand and watch,

In the memories that the dancing stirs up.

Cammy Iverson is a mother of two daughters and grandmother of four. Recently, Cammy realized her lifelong dream of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spirituality and Holistic Studies from Vermont College, where she focused on women’s spirituality at midlife as well as the theory of generativity and the leaving of a lasting legacy to future generations. Cammy’s work includes conducting seminars to encourage women in their life journeys at and after midlife and writing children’s stories about the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents. Cammy lives with her husband in Wisconsin.

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