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Family Bed

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He's made his way into our bed again,
one small elbow dangerously close to my eye.
And though I barely fit the sliver of middle
you two back sleepers leave me,
I let him stay, turning sometimes
toward his jutting unpredictable angles,
sometimes toward the sweat-strong skin
beneath your raised arm.
Crushed between your sleep and his
I realize what I feel is sated.
For here in the brightening dark,
everything I breathe and feel against my skin
weights me to the fragrant tangle of this bed,
the fragrant tangle of this lucky life.

Ona Gritz is the author of two children’s books, two collections of poetry, and a memoir. Her essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals including The Utne Reader, MORE magazine, the Bellingham Review, and, most recently, The Truth of Memoir: How to Write about Yourself and Others with Honesty, Emotion, and Integrity by Kerry Cohen. Ona lives in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. Her son Ethan is a college freshman.

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