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Our girls tutu in adjacent rooms
Princess costumes
varieties of ruffled pink
The right size still won't fit
in their age of pre-
(pre-school, pre-constraint
pre-smooth, pre-obey)
Charming tumblers earning praise
for tiptoes
one behind the other

A mother's room to watch and wait
is skinny
filled with next babies
nestled in arms and wombs
We shuffle for views
our daughters' new step
like breast milk laced
with dinner's garlic
spills around
thin and strangely sweet
Always the same
always something of what we need

Carol Graser is a writer and performer of poetry living in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. She’s spent over 19 years intensively and overwhelmingly raising and homeshcooling her three children. She and her husband homeschool two now, ages 13 and 7, her oldest homeschooler having just successfully completed his first year as a film major in college. She’s currently the host of a poetry reading series at historic Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs. Her work has appeared in The Lullwater Review, So to Speak, Southern Poetry Review, and The Worcester Review, among others.

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