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The Goddess of Destiny

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She hugs me from behind
my face in the mist
of a mirror

While standing beside fertile pots of yellow daises and forget-me-nots, my neighbor Betsy and I boasted about our bulging bellies and ballooning breasts.

We labored in adjacent stork-bordered hospital rooms as
amber leaves swirled to the ground. I toted my daughter home in a gingham-lined basket; her baby was buried in a brass-hinged casket.

The following winter, through icy window panes, I watched a moving van haul a hollow crib away beside the lawn where my daughter's soggy mittens had whooshed angel wings into the downy snow that fell that day.

Now, as I light 18 candles on my daughter's flickering cake, I add one more in memory of forget-me-nots and fate.

The first line of this reverse haibun poem is excerpted from Rod Wilmot's original haibun poem, "Ribs of Dragonfly."

Janet Paszkowski is a freelance fiction writer, poet, and visual artist. A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she has lived in Georgia for the past 12 years with her husband and three children. Her works of fiction and poetry have received numerous regional and national awards, and her work has been published in several literary journals and mainstream venues including Words of Wisdom, Vermont Ink, Thresholds Quarterly, and on-line at The Writer’s Room. She has also conducted memoir and fiction writing workshops in the Atlanta area for Borders Books, Barnes & Noble, Georgia Writers, and The Pincknyville Arts Center.

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