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Playthings of the Gods

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In Thessalonika, an old man cursed

Angelina's grandfather before he sailed

to America. Now, in Brooklyn, her blithering

brother and her paranoid sister cackle

as they spit at each other and scratch

initials into their skin. Her mother, as mad

as her offspring, corrodes from breast cancer.

At 40 Angelina fingers malignant tumors,

opts for a double mastectomy, not chemo,

so she can bear another child; her son

won't be as bereft as she. Still barren

as a nun, she prays poisoned genes

and an old man's curse have exhausted

themselves. She ignores the twisted horns

rearing in the bracken behind her house.

Liz Dolan’s second poetry manuscript, A Secret of Long Life, soon to be published by Cave Moon Press, was nominated for the Robert McGovern Prize. Her first poetry collection, They Abide, was published by March Street Press. A six-time Pushcart nominee and winner of The Best of the Web, she has also won an established artist fellowship in poetry and two honorable mentions in prose from the Delaware Division of the Arts. Her nine grandkids, who live one block away from her, pepper her life.

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