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White Clouds on Blue Sky

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She trims the room with clouds of white on a blue sky.
Painted with care, a sun trimming the light.
Balloons carefully cut with hands that yearn.
She wants a baby.

Each night as her head touches the pillow,
She sees a face, creased, smiling, wrinkled,
a little of him, a little of her, floating on her dreams.
She wants a baby.

Her womb is ready supple, anticipating
the spark of life. She counts the days
with hope, with love.
She wants a baby.

The days go by. She adds a crib.
The weeks go by. She adds the perfect chest.
Months go by. She sees a doctor.
She wants a baby.

The tests are run, violent marks on
glass plates. She waits. She hopes.
For what? A problem? A pill, a shot, an
She wants a baby.

No problems. Relax. Find something
to do with Your time.
Fill the heart and mind.
She wants a baby.

School, another degree, turn, twirl,
answer the questions, develop theories.
Push away the image forming on the edge
of life, waiting for calm.
She wants a baby.

Visit lands, soar in balloons, talk with friends.
Raft the roughest rivers; conquer the jagged terrain,
attend the requested functions.
Ignore the ache deep in her chest.
She wants a baby.

Search the clouds for moisture. Watch the land for rainbows.
Promises hedging the crystal lake forming in a barren land.
Push away the words standing between him and her.
She wants a baby.

She watches mothers with children.
Sometimes frayed around the edges with
sleep-deprived nights. Smiles riding a tired
pony of light. A mother, a mother, she
may never be, but desperately
she wants a baby.

Ann Hite’s formative years were spent in Atlanta, Georgia, during the sixties with her extended family, who believed the south was a country of its own. From this lethal combination was born a writer, who to this day finds the characters from her family’s past creeping into her prose. Ann is the mother of four daughters, ranging from 30 to 5 years old, and has the privilege to be stepmother to her 17-year-old stepson. Ann has completed her first novel, Sleeping Above Chaos, writes short stories and poems. Ann has published short stories and essays both online and in print with publications including Skyline Magazine, Wild Violet, Long Story, The Dead Mule, and Fiction Warehouse.

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