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Best Home

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Isaac wanted to go to the ocean,
To see the gulls and throw rocks
Into the lapping foam. He said, "Do you know?
The seaside is the seagulls best home."
So we sat on the pebbled shore,
And watched the birds spiraling overhead.

A small white yacht unfurled
A surprising black spinnaker,
Just where the supple sea
Melted into the pearly grey sky.
The clouds shifted and loosed
An iridescent line of light on the horizon.

I said, "Do you know? America
Is on the other side of this ocean."
"Will we go back there Mommy?"
He asked. I said we might.
Suddenly the black-sailed boat
Jibed and headed for the light.

Catherine Platt is mother to her son Isaac and is pursuing in earnest her life-long ambition to write. After quitting a career in international development, she earned an MA in Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation at Sussex University, England. Catherine, Isaac, and his father, Ethan are about to embark on a new adventure as they are moving to Sichuan Province, China, for two years. “Best Home” is her first published poem.

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