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My daughter nurses,
turns her head and smiles at me.
Flower on a vine.

Cindy Hill is, first and foremost, mother to Evelyn Mae Hill, an 11-yea- old soccer-playing, horse-riding, chicken-raising embodiment of joy; and stepmother to two witty, warm, and wonderful young teens. Cindy, her husband Chris, and the girls live in Middlebury, Vermont. A recovering criminal defense attorney, Cindy now works as a freelance writer, zoning administrator, and fiddle and lace-knitting instructor, because life’s too short to do one thing at a time. Her poetry has been published in PanGaia Magazine, Maps and Voyages (anthology of the Otter Creek Poets), and Vermont Life. Her narrative poem Land For Sale won the 2002 Ralph Nading Hill, Jr. award. She can be reached at

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