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Necessary Turns

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So I told him something
about dogs and something
about sunflowers
and one more thing about
train tickets
and taking water.
It was a hot day and he
was leaving to his own life.

I drove.

We missed every necessary
turn -- my fault.
I was drifting
to another gone moment,
and another. Where was I?
The heat rose,
undulating -- genies
off red brick buildings we
passed only accidentally;
(he knew a back way.)

I missed more turns.
Became nervous. Still,

he made his train.
From the platform I saw it all:
how from now on he would travel great distances
and I would travel other distances.
How before the rattle of wheel
against track deafened us, he
would always tell me chill out, Mom
but would know to bend and kiss
the top of my head and so,

before heading home,
I would stop,
buy a magazine,
watch commuters careen through the station's
cool, cavernous hallways,
would think something about how
holding no ticket meant I
could be going anywhere now.

"Necessary Turns" was previously published in Free Verse and is forthcoming in the chapbook, What Winter Reveals, available soon from Plan B Press.

Liz Abrams-Morley‘s chapbook, Inventory, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press this summer (preorders being taken now!).  Previous collections include Necessary Turns, Learning to Calculate the Half Life and What Winter Reveals. Online poems and stories have appeared on Literary Mama, and in Innisfree Poetry Journal 7, Apriary, and Verse Wisconsin. Mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, Liz lives, writes, babysits Rebecca, Calvin, and Sarah,  and teaches grown-ups  in Philadelphia, PA, and is a co-founder of Around the Block Writers’ Collaborative.

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