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Overheard at Play Group

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We all work full-time. You have to remember I was thirty pounds lighter then. When we are alone we usually end up talking about the children. Honey, give her back the toy. Money is so tight right now. I wanted a career until I became a mother. I said to him I was the one who was in labor for 26 hours. What happened? I know what you mean. Do you plan to have any more children? Brooklin was an early walker. Mommy will be there in a minute. I don't even remember what a good sleep feels like. I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name. All right, you can have another cookie! He's so good with Ryan. I think I'll stay home after the next baby. I can't wait to go back to work. I'm never alone anymore. It's a good day if I've managed to have a shower. You definitely bond more with your baby when you breast feed. You sit there and think about what you did. I had a miscarriage at four months. I love you, too. I have time for one more coffee. It's nice to talk to other adults once in a while. I've only ever bottle fed. I'm just not interested right now. It seems like someone else's life to me. He didn't want me to stop working. Please don't stand on that. I found out this week I'm pregnant. My maternity leave ends next week. I had my first baby when I was 37. She gets into everything. My husband spends more time with the children once they are toddlers. My problem is that I finish whatever is left on his plate. Ask Mommy to cut with scissors, OK? That sounds just like my husband. How do you find the time to do that? She looks just like you. Want me to read that to you? I hear it gets easier.

Pamela Hamilton, an American now living in Canada, is passionate about her writing, her husband and two daughters, and her work in marketing communications and gymnastics training. Her writing has appeared online in All Things Girl and, and in print in The Word Weaver. She was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2004 Non-fiction Travel Writing Contest held by The Preservation Society, Inc.

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