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Domestic felines. Flowers. Ballerinas.
Poodles. Gardening tools.
Butterflies, but not caterpillars.
Rabbits, but not hedgehogs.
Purses, heels, accessories.
Words in French.
Panda bears and candy.


Vehicles, all types but horse-drawn.
Reptiles and amphibians, extinct and extant.
Balls of any kind.
Caterpillars, but not butterflies.
Dogs, excluding poodles.
Space travel. Earth-movers. Insects. Yachts.
Implements of carpentry.


Certain fruits and vegetables.
Giraffes. The sun. Snowmen. Ducks.
Nonpredatory ocean life.
only sometimes.

Carol Church‘s poetry has appeared in Mothering magazine, Red River Review, Snow Monkey, Facets, Poetry Motel, Green Tricycle Review, and Tatlin’s Tower. She lives in Florida with her husband and their two children, ages seven and three.

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