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Beautiful Daughter

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The birch shadows compose and loosely
rein in the red-gold light-shards her skin
throws off. One shadow branch almost bridles
the powers arcing their shoulders inside her,
bristling their lion-colored manes. They are
barely contained. This gives her skin
the effulgence of adobe, smeared with sun.

Some days she is braiding her hair when I
look, making two puma-colored ropes she
coils around her head; but loosened, her hair
is lithe and fluid as rain. She shies
away from his eyes, whose corners graze her
with their green lights. Some of her flies away
at the least touch like wild horses; some of her stays.

Mary Moore is the mother of one daughter, Damara, and has credits for poetry and scholarly articles in refereed magazines and journals. She has one book of poetry, The Book of Snow, from Cleveland State University Press (1998) and one scholarly book, Desiring Voices, Women Sonneteers and Petrarchism, from Southern Illinois U. P (2000). Recent poetry credits include Prairie Schooner (forthcoming, Summer ’06), Kestrel, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, and the Literary Mama anthology.

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