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Like an Old Lover

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I visit my daughter   fetch her at
her new address   a major university
where being seen with your mother
is against dorm rules. We cruise
into town   open her first checking
account   as lack of funds is the
real reason for this sojourn.   After
taking care of business   we settle
into ice cream   cramming down
grief with something sweet
always works for me.

And when I leave   I realize that
seeing her now   is like being with
an old lover   the one you gave
your heart and soul to   who has
just broken up with you   but still
wants to be friends   even though
you both know   it will never work.

Carol Weis has been an actor, teacher, pastry chef, school librarian, sales rep, and professional cook, as well as a single mom to her only child, Maggie, for 15 years. Portions of their memoir have appeared online at Salon, Literary Mama, and Taborri Press and read as commentary on public radio. Carol’s chapbook, Divorce Papers, was released in 2002 by Bull Thistle Press, and her children’s book, When the Cows Got Loose, is due out from Simon & Schuster in July, 2006. Carol and Maggie can be reached at

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