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Birth, Still

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The shift slight
in her eyes slanted
away and shrouded.

The air curling
between us gray
heavy and mineral.

She said, it's done
into her sleeve
blood and gristle gone.

My speech inaudible
through pillows and pills
words only and all.

Light sidles lank
over rumples once crisp
cradled cavern and sob.

Cristina Breshears is currently completing a memoir, “One Thing Needful,” the story of a disciple of world religions, living in a small Italian village, who reconciles spiritual aspirations with loads of laundry, dirty diapers, and the quotidian of mothering an infant. Cristina currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her nine-year-old daughter Maddie, six-year-old son Ben, husband John, and cat Molly.

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