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Lila: Found Poem

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Lila is born
Lila is designed to be as simple as possible to use
Lila is generally shepherded by an executive board of four people
Lila is the first to admit she surrounds herself with great advisors
Lila is autobiographical? this is always hard to tell
Lila is so cool she sure wasn't a fool so glad she decided to stay in school Lila is so cool
Lila is a rich ceremony of song
Lila is a very suitable name
Lila is flowing in all ten directions in hundreds of streams as if from a fountain
Lila is considered by many to be the greatest story ever told
Lila is highly interactive
Lila is loosely based on my mother's handwriting
Lila is true poetry in motion
Lila is about to dispatch a fourth victim when a pair of police detectives arrives on the scene
Lila is a reasonable heroine
Lila is like visiting an old friend
Lila is the chief feature of this area
Lila is a first cousin of my grandmother
Lila is inspired by earthy trance grooves from a variety of cultures
Lila is a novel
Lila is a valuable asset to our company
Lila is new to standup but equally as addicted to the high it provides
Lila is facilitated best in human society
Lila is a girl

Laura Cherry is the author of a chapbook, What We Planted, which was awarded the 2002 Philbrick Poetry Award by the Providence Athenaeum. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in journals including Asphodel, Argestes, Forklift: Ohio, Agenda, and the Vocabula Review. It has also appeared in the anthologies Present Tense: Writing and Art by Young Women, and Vocabula Bound. Laura received an MFA from Warren Wilson College. She lives near Boston with her partner and their three-year-old daughter.

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