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The Fight

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There is a thread,
very thin but filled with light,
that runs between
you and me.
It grew coiled in my
womb with you
and unraveled,
soft as your own downy hair
when I pushed you out.

Once, during a fight,
you screamed
and would not stop.
I held on until
I could do nothing but scream myself.
I pulled out my
and severed our thread.
Unwavering, I told your father,
"I'm leaving,"
and I crashed down the
sidewalk in my socks
truly believing
I would never come back.
I was amazed
at the freedom,
illicit and thrilling.

But what I did not see
when I cut our thread
was you,
brow worked into a furrow,
hurriedly tying on a new thread.

When I looked down
and saw the thread,
my anger and vengeance melted.
Suddenly I was just a
mother on a walk,
walking back home to you.

Una Winterman is a writer and photographer living in Bloomington, Indiana. She has been published in Mothering Magazine, Literary Mama, Welcome Home, and MotherVerse magazine. Her photography has appeared in MotherVerse and on the cover of Hip Mama magazine. She is the mother of two great daughters, Stella, 7, who inspire her work.

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