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Three Orange Nasturtiums

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Three orange nasturtiums in an almost-
three-year-old's small fist.

They were not picked from my flower beds,
as I have mantra-ed ad nauseum at her,
but from her own pot on the porch
where she may pick as she pleases.

I had assumed after two baths already today,
she'd been making mud soup again

out there, while I tried to wrestle diapers
on the babes -- twin crawlers, who
have all the makings of streakers.

When I'd managed a split-decision victory,
I stayed down on the floor, beaten
by the day.

                     Head cocked to the side, she
presents them to me:
"I picked these for my precious mother."

I rise then, try to find a vase perfect enough.

Britt Kaufmann is a stay-at-home mom to a 4.5-year-old (yes, that .5 is very important) and 2-year-old twins. She is a frequent contributer to West North Carolina Woman and serves on the steering committee for the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival. A collection of her published poems and essays can be found here.

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