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As I Walk

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My journey began long before I knew
that my body could move in any direction
Before I knew the atonement of
Texas sun or Tuscan wine
Before I knew the hungry babies
in the room next to mine

I haven't the senselessness
nor the soil
to give each fear
a place to bud and branch out
No wish for an emerging death tree
A colossal cancer to wither away
the spine, the muscles of my legs,
the skill in my hands and head

I swaddle up the unknown
pack it away
in an embroidered purse under my arm
or tuck it like a marcasite pin
into the waves of my hair

Keep moving keep multiplying
Creating whole worlds
under a San Antonio sky
Globes of newness needing
nourishment and birth
A billion babies in my womb

Laurie Guerrero-Garces is a native of San Antonio, Texas, a wife, and a mother of three. She has published her work in the San Antonio Express News and an anthology of Texas poets entitled Voices Along the River. She is currently completing a collection of poetry and studying as an Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College (Northampton, MA).

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