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Heart of Morning

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I follow the oat trail made by their
breakfast cereal, path of my children,
path of my vacuum, all the same --
and I stand, today, faced with the grains

and a most ordinary love impacting
my heart with little wing-beats, enough
to make blood flow, no more, no less,
unwordable, I guess, in the sense of

entirely unremarkable. I know this story.
It would be disingenuous of me to say
now, today, I do not know why I am here.
Morning comes. The children rise, and later,

more crumbs fall from the folds
in the clothes as I shake them into the wash,
process of transformation amid soap
and the wringer, dryer set at a great heat.

"Heart of Morning" is written as a response to Robert Penn Warren's “Heart of Autumn.”

S.M. Flaherty Jones is the mother of a daughter and twin sons. A classicist by training, she stays at home with her children and does occasional freelance editing and indexing. She first appeared in Literary Mama in 2005 and has two poems forthcoming in the 2007 issue of the journal Primavera.

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