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Big Woman

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This is the place I wanna be/this moment of woman/full round and seamless/I feel woman carnival/woman bazaar/woman extravaganza/with big lips to kiss/lips/cheeks and ass/yes ass/my husbands who makes me/woman feel good/feel proud/feel woman monument/woman hot air balloon/woman credits on big screen with big titties down to my knees/look heavy but light/like single lock in center palm/leakin big drops of sweet milk for big mouths and big children/who call me big mama/yes mama/I'm gone have a baby/baby universe/baby galaxy/baby world/tween my big hips/an legs/hug you to rest safe and feel good/like granma said/yes granma said/I would have days like this/moment of woman parade/woman palooza/woman jubilee/all woman/feel in my hair/ in my feet/ tween my toes/cross my skin/feel woman in my heart/ poundin tambourines/dancin all woman wild/and nasty too/all here and big/big/Biiig arms spread out pushin back east and west/woman need room/gone fly/woman skin flappin neath arms/thighs rubbin together/gigglin loud static pops/gotta get undressed/takin off my clothes to be all this /naked moment/call up wind/lift me /so I can see this place full of woman fire/where all this is mine /woman odyssey/woman revelation/woman out of body experience/I did this/I am woman miracle/woman creator/woman/God!/I feel good.

Kim Benjamin is a mother, writer, and teacher in Los Angeles. In 2002 she was a PEN Emerging Voice and has been a member of The World Stage Anansi Writer’s workshop. She has most recently published in Kalliope: A Journal of Women’s Literature & Art and online with Literary Mama. She continues to study maternal love as a graduate student with The Fielding University.

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