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Too Much Work

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I welcome
another woman
to come suck
my mans dick
drool her spit
into his pubic hair
find it on
the sheets to clean

I'd go an mop the floor
Or maybe do a load of clothes

I wouldn't mind
somebody else
to be pulled
from a dream
on top
of my man
for a push start
tired mashes
for him to come

I'd ready my things for work
or even take out the trash

for my man
I'm lookin for uh. . .
sodomy stunt double
who could handle
carpet burn on the chin

an don't put too much
grease in they hair
cause that leave stain
on the wall

they might free me some time
I'd read my children a bedtime story
or start my old Bell Hooks book

I don't want to say
It's ok for my man to fool aroun
Don't want to hear what you think
I need to do

just wantin to lay down
on any given night
close and warm
under the breath
of my man
with every job
already done

Kim Benjamin is a mother, writer, and teacher in Los Angeles. In 2002 she was a PEN Emerging Voice and has been a member of The World Stage Anansi Writer’s workshop. She has most recently published in Kalliope: A Journal of Women’s Literature & Art and online with Literary Mama. She continues to study maternal love as a graduate student with The Fielding University.

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